More feeds, thanks to gh0st!

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Posted 2022-02-19 11:31:01

This might actually be the first external contribution so bit thank you gh0st! Here's what's changed:

It's now possible to subscribe to a topic

It's done through a new atom feed that's available on /topics/{id}/feed.atom. That link is exposed on the html's header, so your feed reader should be able to automatically discover it when you pass it the URL of a topic. This one is useful if you want to follow a specific topic and be reminded when someone replies.

It's now possible to subscribe to a board

Another atom feed has been added to /boards/{id}/feed.atom. It's also auto-discoverable when you pass the URL of the board to your feed reader. This feed only shows new topics on the board, not all posts. This one is useful if you're looking to see any new topic that pops in on a specific board.

There's also the "atom" feed that's available on every page (in the header) that show all the new posts, regardless of where they are from.

The one missing feed is for forums (groups of boards). Let's keep it in the radar!